About me

My name is Dimitar Bochukov and I work as Illustrator and designer.
I currently live and work in my hometown Plovdiv, Bulgaria.
I started drawing when I was 9 years old. Being born and raised in a family of artists helped me develop a steady interest in this area where I always had the desire to pursue growth and sound skill development.
In 2005 I discovered digital painting and that’s what I mainly do now. I like it for being the fastest way to bring my ideas to life, although I draw traditionally on canvas too.
I have worked mainly in the field of mobile games, fantasy cards illustration and print advertising.
In my spare time I love singing, composing music, snowboarding, cycling and socializing with new colourful people. These activities enrich and add mood to my artworks.

Main skills:
- Illustration
- Environment design
- Character design
- UI and graphic design

Secondary skills:
- Logo design
- 3d design
- Flash animation
- Motion design