I got something different to show this time. I made these Wacom ads for a school assignment.
The task was to create 3 advertising posters for any product or company that we want.
It was free to choose.My love of Wacom products incited me to create these funny pieces.
Maybe after reading the slogan you already get the idea.
The traditional painting is something great, but if you’re the type of artist that doesn’t want to
dirt himself or can’t handle with traditional brushes and oil colors,
you better choose Wacom tablet to bring your ideas to life.
I tried to contact the  company and ask them what they think about the idea and if they like it,
but never found an e-mail of their advertising department or PR. I know that these posters
are pretty aggressive and can’t relate to their image by no means, but thought the idea
fits well for digital drawing.And since my favorite tablet brand is Wacom, i chose to advertise them.

wacom poster

wacom ad


Wacom poster

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