The Bedtime Express is an animated, interactive bedtime story for iOS developed by the Uk based studio Unit11 and illustrated by Dimitar Bochukov and Desislava Dimcheva.

Description from the Appstore:
Board the “Bedtime Express” for the perfect animated bedtime story. Meet the unusual passengers on their way home at the end of the day, and then visit them in their homes to say goodnight.

Help different characters on each journey, solve their little problems (such as waking a sleeping polar bear, finding lost tickets, making a hot chocolate for a badger) and then stamp their tickets.

Once all the passengers have been met, the train pulls into the last station and you are taken to each of the characters’ homes to put them to bed (switching off lights, closing curtains, lighting a log fire).

Children will love meeting the adorable characters and delight in helping them on their journey.

The story is packed with highly detailed illustration and animation and the gentle pace of the story provides a calm atmosphere at bedtime.

There are 6 different groups of passengers, from meerkats to polar bears, and 5 different locations to visit, from the city to the arctic.

Who will the passengers be tonight, aboard the bedtime express?

The Bedtime express logo

The Bedtime express train station

Bear sleeping

Cat and Dog

Fox carriage

Mice carriage

Meerkat's carriage

Badger in buffet

Bear's home

Cat's and dog's houses

Mice house

Foxes house

Badger's home

Fields station

Forest Woods Station

Desert Sands Station

Town station


Enjoy it!