family bones 3

I feel nostalgic when I look at this one.
This was my first comission for a comic book cover.
I remember when Shawn Granger found me on Arcana forums
and offered me to do covers for the whole Family Bones series.
I did 4 more pieces, which were used as back covers for the rest
of the books. You can buy copy of this comic book here

2 Responses to “Family Bones #5 cover”

  1. Shawn Granger says:

    And it was my favorite of the covers you did. It captures the mood of the book so well. I love the raccoon cover a lot too. Actually…they all were nice. Maybe too nice for just back covers…which is why this one ended up being the front cover of #5.

  2. bocho says:

    I am happy, because it was my first cover for something big.Thanks for giving me this chance Shawn.

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