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  • May222011
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I’ve been very busy with my new job lately and i don’t have enough spare time for writing in my blog. I promised a month ago to write post related to freelance invoicing and here it is.
Since i am working in a creative field as artist/illustrator i think my style can be shown even in my invoice layout. I am sick of boring invoice layouts that only tell you how much to pay and that’s all. No, that’s not the way i do business here! I want to see a smile on the face of my clients, even when they’re sending a check to me. I know that with printing a fullcolor image we double our expenses, rather than simply sticking to the cheap traditional simple text form. The fact about spending more dollars on printing a beautiful invoice with illustration on it doesn’t bother me. Attitude comes first!

Here you can see how i’ve made the layout for my invoice. I made a traditional watercolor illustration of a giraffe and used it as a background image.Looks funny, isn’t it? :)


Invoice for illustration