Two days of drawing wasted…

  • March252011
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I am sure that your reaction would be the same when you open your layered psd file and see is corrupt. And all you see in it is a flatten black background with couple of red ugly lines in front.


This is how the corrupted photoshop file looks like

It was a pretty good sunny day today until the electricity stoped and my photoshop file wasn’t saved yet. I acquired a habbit to always hold my left hand on the ctrl+s keys, but this time i didn’t have time to react and the worst happened. I was working on an illustration for this Creature Planet challenge and was almost done. When i saw the black flatten background instead of layers with my drawing i wanted to throw something in my monitor.Anyway, i immediately started googling about the problem and found couple of free software for recovering corrupt photoshop files, but none of them could solve the problem. I spent 2 or 3 hours on reading every possible article, forum question related to my problem but nothing helped again. I figured that those type of problems unfortunately can’t be fixed.Too bad… The only way maybe is to reset my compter to an earlier hour before all that bullshit happened, but i need to have a system backup.. and i do not have one. I wish that Adobe will make their software work with backup files someday like in Corel products. They may be slower, but definitely safer. But for my fortune i saved a small work in progress preview of the illustration 2 hours before the accident.
I double enlarged this small jpeg and started painting over it.At least i didn’t start from scratch ha- ha :) I am a lucky guy. This will not stop me from finishing and submiting my art and i believe all that
kind of sad stories occur when we have to learn some valuable lessons. It may be that i need to change something in my artwork and do it for the better.
So if you see this black field of death someday and find a way to bring your layers back, or you already’ve been there and found a solution, don’t forget to comment here and tell me how you fixed it.
Even if you have suggestions on how it may be repaired, leave a comment.