I got me a plastic skeleton today

  • January272011
  • Author: bocho
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I was so happy to find this plastic guy in my mother’s studio today. He is not life-size, only 35-40 cm but better yet,
because I don’t have enough space in my room anyway.It is very old, but still works perfect.
All the bones are connected with little pins. Even every rib has its own pin – amazing for this size of skeleton. It is very useful and i recommend such a thingy to everyone who wants to learn anatomy perfectly to buy one.I checked how much the big ones cost , they are around $500-600 now. I believe you can find some cheaper, second hand in ebay. The fact that makes me happy the most is that you can learn perfectly how the bones attach one to another. You can test yourself – assemble and disassemle it all the time, move it.. you know how it is. Here are some pictures i took of “Kirchi”. That’s the name i gave him. Sweet :)