Donate Art for Haiti

  • February42010
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Dear colleagues, show your compassion and donate some artworks for the children in Haiti.
GLOBAL ART AUCTION Donate your artwork for auction and raise funds for Haiti We are asking our friends, fellow artists/illustrators/creatives, designers and musicians if they can donate a piece of their artwork, or anything else, to be auctioned. Artist Sarah Larnach (of Ladyhawke fame), who lost family members in last week’s earthquake, is co-ordinating a global art auction that we are supporting to raise funds for those affected by the disaster. WE WANT: Artists, illustrators, print makers, craft makers & creatives. WE NEED: Originals, prints, zines, signed copies of albums, books.. everything welcome!! 3 SIMPLE STEPS:
E-mail: with the subject line: ‘DONATE’
Attach a jpg(s) of your chosen piece.
Fill in the form and send it off!

Artwork will be auctioned on ebay and all proceeds donated towards the relief effort. NB: Artists auctioning work will be informed once their work is sold, and will be required to post their artwork to the winning bidder.

Donate form: Art for Haiti

Start bidding on ebay