8 remarkable old bulgarian illustrators

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I’ve been searching a lot about bulgarian illustration and illustrators and my long search ended with very small amount of pictures.That’s why couple of days ago, I decided to write something about my favorite bulgarian illustrators from the last century. I went to  the school library and scanned some of my favorite works. I admire their works since  I was 15 years old.Actually most of these artist were the reason I got involved in this occupation. Nowadays,  many people deny their tallent and consider their works “Socio-Realism” which I don’t understant. It’s true they have lived and worked in such a time and were influenced by some Soviet artists, but this doesn’t make them “social realists”. I am introducing you 8 of my favorite and very famous as well, old  bulgarian illustrators, even though there are many many more to show.The first one is called Boris Angelushev.Born in Plovdiv,Bulgaria 1902-1966.Famous mostly for his satirical caricatures based on political and social themes.

2nd one is Ani Tosouzova. She born in Sofia,Bulgaria 1937. Here are some of her illustrations for Puss in Boots by Brothers Grimm.

3rd one is Iliya Beshkov.There is a lot to say about him.He was born in Dolni Dubnik,Bulgaria.1903-1958.One of the big names in Bulgarian art history.
Professor at the National Academy of Arts, Sofia and master of caricature and book illustration. Here are just a little part of his works.

4th one is Dechko Uzunov.Another big name in our history of art.He was born in Kazanluk, Bulgaria, 1899-1986.
Professor at the National Academy of Art, Sofia. He worked mostly in book illustration, graphics, painting

5th. Ilia Petrov.Born in Razdrad,Bulgaria. 1903 – 1975. Artist and illustrator.Worked mostly with graphic materials. Professor and rector at the National Academy of Arts, Bulgaria.

6th one is Ivan Milev. He was born is Kazanluk,Bulgaria,1897-1927.Very short lifetime, but unique pieces of art. Original and different. I love Ivan Milev’s art. It is no chance that his portrait sits on the Bulgarian 5 leva bill.

7th one is Marko Behar. He was born in 1914, Yambol,Bulgaria. He had graduated from Leningrad’s Art University.

and 8th one is Mira Yovcheva.Born in Sofia,Bulgaria 1929.She had graduated from the National Academy of Arts,Bulgaria. Some of her illustrations are for Nikolay Raynov’s “Samodivsko Tsarstvo”

Sorry for the bad quality of some of the images, but my scanner was very old, furthermore the quality of the reproductions wasn’t perfect.
Hope you enjoyed these awesome pieces.